Brandon Brown – Commercial Rating Written Exam Milestone

Brandon Brown – Commercial Rating Written Exam Milestone

Congratulations to 18-year-old Brandon Brown, EAA 1229004, who in the past year alone has earned his instrument rating, a commercial drone pilot license, and began working on his commercial rating. Most recently, Brandon passed his written exam for the commercial rating on January 3. His aviation journey began with a Young Eagles flight when he was 14 years old. Now, he is giving back to the community, giving flights to the next generation of pilots through the same program, and additionally has taught classes on aerodynamics and airplane safety to Young Eagles. Brandon is currently a physics major at Folsom Lake College and aspires to fly F-15s in the U.S. Air Force and find work as a NASA test pilot. Congratulations again, Brandon, on achieving your multiple milestones, and thank you for helping to spread The Spirit of Aviation within your community. Good luck as you continue working toward future milestones in your aviation career!

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Have you reached a milestone recently? Passed a checkride, given your first or hundredth Young Eagle flight, flown your homebuilt for the first time? Tell us about it at

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