EAA’s The Green Dot – Richard VanGrunsven

EAA’s The Green Dot – Richard VanGrunsven

On the most recent episode of EAA’s The Green Dot podcast, the team was joined by legendary aircraft designer and EAA board member Richard VanGrunsven to discuss the history of Van’s Aircraft, the most popular RV models, and why flying an RV brings that signature grin to a pilot’s face.



The Green Dot is meant for aviation enthusiasts, no matter if they themselves fly some sort of aircraft or not. The podcast features all sorts of aviation news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from both hosts and guests, and more. You can land on The Green Dot year round on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, and on EAA’s blog. Thank you for listening, and please take the time to give the podcast a rating and review on your platform of choice if you enjoyed this episode!


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