South Africa Chapter Hosts Successful Young Eagles Day

By Neil Bowden, EAA 565560, Chapter 322 Treasurer

Chapter 322 hosted a Young Eagles day October 21 at Rand Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 40 children were taken for 15-minute flight experiences and all seemed to love the ride! After the rides were completed, a number of volunteers also turned up to barbeque Boerewors Rolls, a South African sausage staple.

The chapter would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteer pilots and ground crew who made this a safe and successful day, especially Clive King, EAA 1085078, who ran the event with military precision. Also, to the poor student air traffic controller who was thrown in the deep end and probably had never handled such a busy circuit before, sorry for the heavy work load, but thank you for great work!

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