Chapter 1572 in Peru Hosts Aerobatic Pilot

Chapter 1572 in Peru Hosts Aerobatic Pilot

EAA Chapter 1572, based in Lima, Peru, hosted Peruvian aerobatic pilot Micho Velickovich for a private show on January 7 during a break in his performance schedule.

Micho, EAA 839030, was Chapter 1572’s first president after he and current president John Cavero, EAA 1163369, worked together to found the chapter in 2015. Although he has since moved to Georgia, Micho maintains a good relationship with the chapter and made time to stop by for a visit between flying at the Dakar Rally 2018 automotive competition’s opening days in Lima and the Ilopango Airshow in El Salvador.

Chapter 1572’s membership stands at around 50 people, but John said nearly 200 people showed up to watch Micho perform his competition routine.

Micho meets with attendees

The chapter is very active year-round having flown 36 Young Eagles in December as part of a Christmas celebration, for example, and sending 5 to 10 of its members to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh every summer.

John with EAA staffer Charlie Becker at AirVenture

“It is like the Mecca,” John said of AirVenture. “If somebody loves airplanes, they need to be here.”

John said the chapter’s initiatives include wanting to help set up other chapters throughout Peru and matching up fluent English-speaking A&Ps, engineers, and pilots with chapter and community members, and youths who want to become more involved in aviation. Several chapter members are also working to set up volunteer medical flights in the jungle where slow boats are often the primary method of transporting people who need more urgent help.

John said it’s thanks to EAA that his chapter is able to help spread the value and The Spirit of Aviation in Peru.

“For me, it’s the most important community around the world in aviation,” he said.

Photos by Bryan Luna provided by John Cavero

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